Services Offered

Pet sitting in your home:

          If pet sitting in your home I can visit in the am and/or in the pm depending on your needs and the pets needs.

Pet sitting in my home:

           Pet sitting is offered in our home for how every long you need. They have a nice dog room to play in with their own fenced in yard. Play time is allowed if they get along with other pets. We accommodate all breeds and any behavior issues. 

Behavior training:

            This service is usually in your home so you can see how the training works. A lot of times the owner needs to learn how to correct a specific behavior for all around success. How ever, If needed, training in my home is always an option.  And yes, birds can be trained.
Mobile Grooming:

    This service is done at your home. I am grooming cats and small dogs at this time but can be done in my home if needed. All grooming includes a nail trim.

Adoption Services:

      Do you have a pet that is in need of a new home or are you looking for a new pet? We are now an official rescue as of 11/2016. If you are looking for a new pet to adopt then I can help in your search and find a pet that suits your family needs

Other Services:

             I also offer other home services like nail trims, anal gland expressions, wing  and beak clips for birds, and other medical care needs.

    I cover a wide range of areas from Maine to NH with many meet locations for everyone and will work with any pet in need.

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